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Helping companies address business challenges through the effective use of Information Technology.  

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On the systems engineering front Oasys has been supporting and designing data centers for well over a decade, executing a deliberate "right sized" yet modular and expandable approach in design.  Choosing and configuring systems as cost effective "bolt-on" components for adding new applications, supporting additional user and data storage growth no matter how rapidly or slowly the business has need for them.  

Oasys has been involved in a multitude of custom Application Development efforts and Project Management initiatives.  We have produced applications for the retail, product distributions, and pharmaceuticals industries.  

Accomplishing what was stated in the project deliverable is key. Listening to the client's needs very carefully in the beginning.  These are all key characteristics that define the Oasys consultative approach.

An emphasis on near-term results with long-term investment protection in all recommended and implemented solutions allows our clients to make focused and strategic capital investments in their IT infrastructures.  This approach produces real results in real time and cost savings that positively impact the bottom line. 

At Oasys we understand that it is not just about the technology but how the technology drives the business forward by supporting growth and helping business owners achieve and maintain the profitability necessary to continue to drive that growth. 

Integrity, competence, and an ever evolving expertise in the rapidly changing realm of Information Technology, are why clients have been relying on Oasys IT Consulting to help them meet their IT challenges since the company was established in 2002.

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