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What is ISP Multi-homing?

The Internet is the lifeblood for most businesses these days.  This is especially true for businesses that are hosting their own portals for the purposes of selling their goods and services, or for business to business communications for EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) with partners and customers.  Companies that have chosen to connect their remote offices via VPN (Virtual Private Network) connectivity over the Internet are also highly dependent upon their Internet link for daily operations.

Multi-homing is a method for providing redundancy of ISPs (Internet Service Providers).  A company that contracts with more than one ISP can, with some work and coordination, establish a multi-homed redundant connection that is capable of automatically recovering from the failure of their primary Internet connection or service provider's network, and rerouting all inbound and outbound Internet based traffic through a secondary ISP connection.

In order to accomplish this specific arrangements must be made with each ISP including: The provisioning of a full class-C (or /24) public IP network block (either from one of the ISPs or directly from ARIN [American Registry for Internet Numbers] - fees and application process is involved), the obtaining of a ASN (Autonomous System Number - also from ARIN), the procurement of one or two routers (two if configuring for router redundancy via HSRP [Hot Standby Routing Protocol - w/ Cisco routers]) capable of supporting the BGP [Boarder Gateway Protocol] routing protocol, coordination with each ISP to obtain BGP peering relationship, and expertise with configuring all equipment involved.

We have assisted numerous clients with achieving ISP Multi-Homing via BGP over the years - and normally handle all aspects and details described above for each client.

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