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Implementation Services

A firewall plays a centralized role in many company networks.  A properly designed and secure network typically will have a firewall sitting at the very heart of the network.  

In many cases the firewall is acting not only as a perimeter security device but, in many small and medium businesses, is acting as the centralized "traffic cop" for all network interconnectivity.

The firewall is likely simultaneously protecting an Internet DMZ (De-militarized Zone) segment in which semi-public servers sit from the Internet, as well as the internal LAN from both the DMZ and the outside Internet segment.  

Perhaps there is a need for a highly secure server segment protecting highly sensitive HR or Accounting systems from the rest of the LAN or simply segmenting all servers from all workstations.  The design will vary from company to company and even from application to application for larger organizations that will have multiple firewalls. 

The on-staff consulting resources at Oasys have over 16 years of experience with firewall implementations dealing with multiple platforms including, Cisco PIX / ASA, Checkpoint, Raptor, Accent, Symantec, Microsoft ISA, Sonicwall, and Watchgaurd firewalls.

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